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Month: August, 2017

Brooklyn Playing Card Co. – Ho. Ly. Shit.

Evening cuntstumps,

While I sip cocktails in an aptly named hotel, I ponder all of the crazy and wondrous shit I saw while I was at Magic Live.

Basically, you’re going to be seeing me fan-girl like a fuckin’ twelve year old meeting his idols over the shit I saw for a while.

Aside from being able to hang out and meet some amazing magicians and people, I got to see some of the newest and greatest shit among all of the mediocre stuff not even worth a mention.


One of the big standouts for me straight up was something I’d heard about from a name on the tip of everyone’s tongue whenever I’m in NYC

Jeff Kellogg and the Brooklyn Playing Card Co.


Aside from Jeff being a goddamn gigantic man and having some excellent underground work, like his ball-tingling  crazy Coins Across routine or his ingenious take on the card in box premise, he has made some of the nicest non-USPCC made cards I’ve felt in a long fucking while; the design has been perfectly done to include his take on an age old marking system, built into the design. What really makes this stand out from other decks in the market is that the markings can be read quickly and easily up close or even from across a room.

Yup. You can confidently and easily read the marks from across the room. Jeff did this for me and a group of magicians multiple times at the Orleans, in shitty Casino floor lighting from 10 feet away and was still hitting it in seconds.


The red colored launch edition decks sold out ridiculously quickly, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few. The level of detail put into these cards for use by magicians is fucking brilliant, and Jeff has really outdone himself with the improvements on the blue V2’s, making the “work” even easier to use and read.


Each order comes with a small card explaining the built-in features of the marking system, outlining the work in enough detail to let you pick up and run with it within a few minutes and fry some fuckers.


Currently, these are available directly from Jeff at Brooklyn Playing Card Company Co. or from Tannen’s in NYC if you’re in town. Pick up a couple of decks and give them a try; you’ll lose your shit over how much fun they can be


More to come soon,



Franco Pascali makes me want to cry… in a good way

After spending the last few days at Magic Live 2017 in Vegas (HaHa, Fuckers!) and seeing some of the latest shit going on in the magic world (including some fucking beautiful Rubik’s Cube magic from an unknown magician), I was privileged enough to spend some time with THE Franco Pascali


Not only is he one of the sweetest and most humble guys to be around, he’s also one of the most promising future prospects in magic. Aside from his insanely smooth flourishing and sleight of hand skills, he also creates and performs some fucking awesome and unique effects, showing his intense attention to detail and effect construction.

In the time we got to hang out, I saw a perfect blend of his amazingly clean sleight of hand creations, like his DMB Spread Control 2.0, perfectly complementing his warm and engaging performance style and fucking insanely well constructed effects, like his effect, Twinning

Really looking forward to everything Franco has to offer in the near future,

More to come soon, fuckers,


One of my new favorite things…

After getting brain fucked and balls deep into ‘A New Angle’ by Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman, and seeing the crazy difference in factory made VS. hand cut work, I’ve been searching out places that offer high quality gaffed decks instead of shitty, generic store bought decks.


Aside from getting some amazing decks directly from Michael or Ryan, or the advice and tips in ‘A New Angle’ for the tools and methods to make your own, a new source (and friend) of mine referred me onto SlimCardCo, based out of Canada, and sent me some examples of their work, ranging from standard to ultra-fine work in a variety of different orientations and choice of deck, depending on what you want and need.

Not only that, but if you want a specific type of work or deck, you can even custom order it.

Using a few of the different varieties, you can feel and see the difference straight up; it’s a refreshing and wholesome feeling, like your balls gently nestled on someone’s forehead while a small man pours fountains of Gold Bond body powder out of a champagne flute onto your junk

Any more hidden nuggets of wisdom out there?
Show me what you got!

Sharing is caring, cunts,

Shit you should buy…

Sweating balls and taking a break from life so just a quick one for you plebs. There’s some new shit out that y’all should be getting moist over

  • Jack Carpenter’s ‘The Expert’s Portfolio No. 2’

The long awaited sequel to Jack’s amazing compilation of his work. Jack has recently toured around Europe and did a sneaky pre-release for a special few.

So far, I’m loving the work. It’s a mix of magic and gambling style card work. Currently, you can only get this directly from Jack by emailing him. Get on this shit

  • Michael Feldman & Ryan Plunkett’s ‘A New Angle’

This beautifully produced volume on stripper deck work that isn’t complete generic shit. It’s the complete opposite.

This is a collection of some of the best stuff possible with a stripper deck, even going into how to make your own properly finished decks.

Aside from the material being balls-out fucking insanely good, Michael and Ryan are genuinely nice guys who actually give a shit about sharing and doing good magic.

The content ranges from smooth as fuck techniques possible like Michael’s Complete Faro Control, taking the bullshit ugly duckling appearance out an undervalued move and turning it awesome, all the way to Ryan’s ‘Shuffleupagus’ which fucks my shit up.

You can get the book directly from Ryan at his website. While you’re there, pick up some of their insanely high quality hand cut stripper decks to go with the book to fry the fuck out of your spectator’s frontal lobes.

Also, there’s been whispers of a super secret, funny as fuck project from Michael Feldman and some other big names.. looking forward to the Easter eggs 😉

More to be added when I can figure out out to use a computer properly. And how to delete my search history

Google, how do I remember when to go poopy? Stop recommending me my own books