Yes, I’m still here…

And no, I still don’t give a shit about anything you think, except the magical genius that plops out of my ass on a regular basis (Been a bit blocked up lately).

Here’s some shit that I’ve just caught up on. Old news, but hey, fuck you.
Most of my work is just regurgitated shit anyways, and people keep buyin’ it.

Conjuring Credits website
Unless you’ve been living under the ass-end of the known universe, Denis Behr should be a familiar name. Aside from his exceptionally huge hands, excessive consumption of beer and recent fascination with making dainty macarons, this German adonis also has two exceptional books on card magic, some great videos showing bullshit hard techniques being done well and a meticulously detailed book archive that makes me rock hard whenever I’m doing research.

Combining efforts from Conjuring Arts’ ‘Ask Alexander’ database, Denis, Bill Kalush, Tyler Wilson (<3), Aurelio Paviato, Roberto Giobbi and Dan Smith have made this unified historical resource available for all of us to enjoy. FYI, for like 99% of you from the Cafe, this means exactly DICK as you fuckers don’t care about anything beyond the shit I sling at you. To everyone else, it’s the kind of stuff that’s good to know if you give a shit about what you do.

Gary Plants’ new website & DVD
Gary has recently re-done his website, coinciding with the release of his Zarrow shuffle DVD. Having met Gary and seen him perform flawless Zarrows, false deals and fool the shit out of me with some insanely well-constructed material, I can’t recommend his stuff enough. He also makes some high quality gaffed cards and decks. Love you Gary xoxo.

The Hollingworth Collection
If Hugh Grant became a sexier, more-British-than-shitting-the-Queen-with-scones-and-tea giant, time travelled back to when trilbys were fashionable and started doing magic, you’d get Guy Hollingworth. Aside from his devilish good looks and whispering sweet nothings in my ear, he has released a new limited edition box set through the Buck Twins, collecting his previously impossible to find Routines, The Reformation and the London Collection VHS videos, as well as new/updated material in a pretty little box. Better get onto that shit soon, or you will miss out. Call me Guy 😉

The Skinner Tapes
Not sure how I feel about this. I love Michael Skinner’s material and respect the legacy the man left. A collection of audio CD’s recounting tips from the man sounds awesome, but I’m not sure how practically some of the finesses can be articulated. Looks like a very impressive amount of content covered, anyone want to give an opinion on it? I’m broke as fuck right now.

Anything else good that I missed?
It’s quiet as fuck in here.