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Month: March, 2013


What a good read….

(Please note the highlighted points in red).

And people wonder why this shit happens.




Jared Kopf now has two videos, each containing two items, both available as downloads from Vanishing Inc. Previously, this material was only available if you saw Jared lecture, or were lucky enough to get his lecture notes, ‘Praestigia’.

Collection One contains his handling of a very deceptive overhand shuffle, dubbed the Double Optical shuffle, as well as an exceptional effect titled ‘Four its own Sake’. If you have Jared’s notes, track down the credits he gives for other versions of this effect. They are equally badass and worth finding (especially if you can somehow find the unpublished Steve Forte handling somewhere)

Collection Two has two effects which exemplify what good magic should look like; moveless, open and bullshit-amazingly deceptive. His Triumph** handling is EXACTLY what you see on the video (no extra moves or anything). ‘E.G Brown Revisited’ is a thought of cards across that is very awesome. I’m not giving away ANYTHING on this one.

Downloads are $10 each, or BOTH for $15.

Also, I hear Jared will be lecturing again very soon, so this may mean his notes will become available again, or possibly even a NEW set of notes? Fingers crossed.

Waiting in awe (and creepy fanboy anticipation),


**Jared’s ‘An Open Display of Triumph’ was previously published in the November 2007 issue of Genii magazine, as well as on the first volume of the ‘Friends of Roger Klause’ DVD set.

The Magic of Japan (before it was good)


This is true history.


You don’t know Jack..

People have been bitching that I don’t post regularly enough.

Go fuck yourselves. You think this brilliance just falls out of my face?
Well, it does. But that’s besides the point. Here’s a quick one to hold you over until the next big thing;

Jack Carpenter’s ‘All In’.

Filmed by Paper Crane Magic and starring the loveable Mr Carpenter, supported by Ben Train, Tyler Wilson, Chris Mayhew and Zach Lambert (and my Kansas shweetheart watching from behind the scenes). I saw the promo video for this and remembered how awesome Jack really is as a magician and as a person. If you’re a fan of his previous books/DVDs, then you will enjoy the shit out of this.

Click here to  watch the promo video. Couldn’t seem to find it anywhere else to buy it.