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Month: January, 2019

Shit you should want to buy: January 2019 Pt. 2

Due to the amount of news of new shit coming out, here’s a cheeky follow-up for you all for some confirmed news but also some rumoured releases coming soon:

Helder Guimaraes by Ger Ger

Helder Guimarães’ book, ‘Secret Language’ – Pre-orders available for $120 + shipping, limited run of 1000 and won’t be released until May 2019. Head over to the site to have a look at the synopsis of some effects and a list of details (15 techniques, 15 routines, 5 essays, 700+ photos). Everything Helder has released prior has always been excellent quality both in his material and production value, really looking forward to this


Juan Tamariz’ long awaited ‘Magic Rainbow’book to be published in English – borgeslibrary graciously pointed out in the previous post’s comments about Rafael Benatar confirming the book is now at the printer and is due out sometime this month. and Ted M heard through the grape vine that it was released at Magifest.

Jan 31st EDIT: Book is now available.  Priced at $149.95 plus shipping at time of posting for the first edition (Thank you borgeslibrary & Ted M for your insights!)


Scott Robinson’s rumoured book looks to possibly be released sometime this year. No further details on who (Vanishing Inc were the last to mention it), how much or when it will be released. I’m a fan of Scott’s work, to the point of tracking down almost all of his previous notes and publications after going through his material in Steve Beam’s Trapdoor (Which you should already fucking own!)


Vanishing Inc’s reprint of ‘The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown’, which recently debuted at The Session . After being OOP since originally published in the early 1970’s by the Magic Circle, the book will soon be available for a reasonable price from Vanishing Inc.  Unsure if this new edition will include any additional commentary to supplement.

Feb 4th EDIT: The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown is now available at Vanishing Inc for $60 USD. You will get a reprint of the original book in a much more affordable price point, as well as a study guide with additional content, including an unpublished Dai Vernon routine apparently.

Also debuted recently was a compilation of Dani DaOrtiz’ previous manuscripts, ‘Semi-Automatic Card Magic’ into one 140-page volume. Currently available for $58 USD directly from GrupoKaps (Updated edit: Thank you Denis Behr for the heads up!)


Pit Hartling announced back in November about a new edition of ‘Card Fictions’ with new and updating handlings, with a format in line with his ‘In Order to Amaze‘ book, which I fucking love. No firm details on release date, but looks likely to be similar to this last book possibly for pricing/distribution.

Feb 25th EDIT: Late to the party, but the new edition of Card Fictions is now available from Pit’s webstore for €35.

Steve Forte’s book on magic/gambling material should hopefully be released this year. To recap, it will be self-published by Steve and has been proofed by some of the heavy hitters and big names in magic today. There will be some amazing content in there from what I’ve heard with accompanying drills on practicing that are just fucking amazing. More to come as it becomes available.

Anything else good that’s flown under the radar?

Shit you should buy: January 2019 Edition

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New years, shitbags.

Just a quick one to catch you up on some good shit that’s out or coming out soon.

Harapan Ong’s Principia


Released in mid-December 2018, this has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. One of the most sought after contributor’s of consistently high quality card magic has come out with a collection of his best material; Principia

For anyone who follows Harapan’s Instagram you’ll know that he is prolific in his output of well constructed, thought out and beautifully articulate insights on card magic; from his ‘Fully Booked’ reviews to his performance videos, varying between performing his own original creations and beautiful, re-vamped handlings of classic effects.

The book is available in both a standard ($60 USD) and deluxe edition ($150USD), both editions paired with a set of gaffed cards specific to effects within the text. The gaffed cards are also available separately for $15 USD for anyone needing a refill. Review coming soon!


Modus Operandi Issue 4


Joe Barry & John Cottle’s ‘Modus Operandi’ magazine is back! After a bit of a quiet period, their website is back up with Issue 2 still available to order as I’m posting this (Issues 1 and 3 unfortunately sold out).

This new issue has material from Joe Barry, John Cottle, Jared Kopf, Derrick Chung, Steph ‘Slim’ Lacasse of Slim Card Co., Ollie Mealing and the ever-favourite man of mystery, Justin Higham.

Issue 4 is now available for £20 and approx. £5 shipping worldwide.
Get it while you can!

2nd printing of ‘A New Angle’ by Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman


Ryan and Michael have announced a second printing of their seminal work on tapered decks, ‘A New Angle‘.

After the release of their book in 2017, it quickly picked up attention and became sold out. With some amazing material from Ryan and Michael and contributions from Nathan Colwell, Frank Fogg, Brian O’Neill, Lance Pierce and Harapan Ong, it’s easily become the standard I’ve set for what makes a new magic book worth getting.  Also, if you’ve recently bought one of Eoin’s stripper jigs, this is the perfect companion book to go with it for some fucking amazing material.

Keep an eye out for more new on when this will be available for pre-order. Review coming soon!


What else is out or coming out that’s good?