What’s new, pussycat?

Slowly easing myself back into this whole “writing shit for you fuckers” thing, like an oiled phallus into a well-prepared anus. It ain’t easy being this old and this right all the time.

Chris Mayhew’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Effects‘ DVD has been released recently, after its recent premier screening (Also available through Lee Asher). I haven’t seen it yet, but I loves me some Chris Mayhew, Glenn West and Ben Train so it has to be good. If not, I’m swearing off Canada for life… You guys are already toeing the line with this whole ‘bags of milk‘ thing. Who the fuck does that?

At $40 a pop, the DVD seems a big pricey for only 8 effects, however the manner in how it’s laid out, effects performed and explained throughout a story, looks awesome. Anyone received their copy yet?

My good friend, confidant and fellow Hawaiian shirt/Bacon enthusiast, Tom Dobrowolski of Midwest Magic in Franklin Park, IL has released a new set of notes titled ‘The Expert At the Breakfast Table’, 11 effects from Tom and a range of other magicians. I thoroughly enjoyed his last set of notes (Tom and his Merry Men) so I’m looking forward to these.  Available in PDF ($12) or hardcopy ($15) plus shipping. Drop Tom an email or Facebook message for more info. Mahalo for your kōkua, Tom.

Any other recent announcements or releases in the magic community recently? Share the love you fucking pricks.

A hui hou kakou,