InstaScam Reviews Pt. 2: Another guest review by John Scam-Me

It’s been a month or so since I eviscerated sleightlyobsessed‘s “Veering from the Royal Road” and he’s since come out with another download. Given that I’m a fan of his, after he responded to my last review and I want him to do well, I forked out the cash to review his latest work for you all.

You’re welcome (fuckers).


Lecture at Flat No. 9 – Andy Frost (sleightyobsessed)

Andy gave a lecture to a group of limey card boyz in some flat in  Lahn-dan and Ross Tayler filmed it (because his ridiculous chops, superb mentalism and big curly mop of hair weren’t enough – now he is a cameraman and producer – prick!).

Editors note: Love ya Ross!

This is a collection of sleights and tricks which I was excited to see because Andy is just excellent at executing complex sleight of hand and must have something to offer on the practice and refinement of such techniques.

I’ll start by saying this is 75% brilliant and 25% shit; you could probably stop reading there because it is definitely worth buying and you should buy it right fucking now. Like his other download, it is embedded in GumRoad and you can’t download it (unless you’re a complete luddite). The production is mostly shot from Andy’s left side, which I think is just logistics versus practical choice based on the set up of the room, but you can see what he’s doing for the most part. There are also Ammar Super-Practice style in-the-hands close-ups and over the shoulder shots after each section, making this whole production a vast improvement on his last one for visibility on the explanations.

So let’s break down the content.


False Swing Cut –
Looks brilliant when he demos it on Insta, it looks brilliant when he does it here and he teaches it “ok”. He hits all the main points for you to make this a very deceptive cut. There are some questions about it during the lecture because he doesn’t really teach it to begin with, but by the end you will be able to do it and it looks great. Solid start.

False Table Cut –
Not a fan of this, it looks like you’re doing exactly what you’re doing, even when Andy “performs” it. It’s taught semi-well and the close up’s really help. You won’t use this.

Turn Over Pass –
This is the “money shot” part of the download for me. Andy is really good at this move and he has some excellent touches on it. You can tell he’s worked on this and thought about it a lot from the way he teaches it. This reminded me of a Tony Chang download with ridiculous attention to detail and flawless performance. Bravo.

Diagonal Palm Shift –
Not a whole lot “taught” here, most just a quick glossing over how Andy does it and some tips here and there. I happen to do this move in the same way and the pointers are solid, but if you’ve never done a DPS before, you won’t learn how to do one here (and he openly admits that).

FTJ Cover Pass –
You won’t use this. It smacks of “Spanish school” where you do something that looks weird and then tell other magicians that it’s really deceptive and lay people won’t notice (sure they won’t).  It looks weird and it is weird and it didn’t need to be included.


Final Destination
Description: A way to equivoque to a single card.

It’s not “a way” to equivoque a single card, it’s just Andy performing a crap effect with an equivoque method exactly how anyone else would.  You won’t use it because it’s boring- and it has to be in order for the method to fly. You won’t use this.

Single Phase Ambitious –
Description: My approach to the ambitious card which frames a single phase to make feel genuinely impossible.

The description is a little Ben Earl-ish… I’m not sure about the “genuinely impossible” bit, this is essentially a way anyone would come up with to do a single phase ambitious card. I don’t think the “touches” really added anything to the conversation. I’m not method mad; For example, I think the re-framing and scripting of some very basic stuff to seem more impossible, i.e. most of the latest shit that Ben Earl shamelessly regurgitates from Past Midnight as a flashy new download, is genius, but this isn’t. Pass.

Window Change + Window Palm + Imaginary Card  –
Description:  A colour change I developed to avoid the obvious stealing and replacing action of many colour changes i.e. the Erdnase Change. I also give two applications for the move including a very clean but angle sensitive card to pocket and an alternative handling to Tony Chang’s famous imaginary card routine.

Finally! This is what you expect when you buy something from Andy; the sleights he regularly showcases are used beautifully in an actual enticing effect! The work on the window change and Chang’s trick is great. The card to pocket is just glossed over, but you can piece it together. Good stuff. You’ll use this if you’re in Andy’s target demographic.

Hynposis Card –
Description:  A single spectator thinks of a card and then sees it on top of the deck only to be shown it was never there. The trick is then made more impossible by the spectator holding a single card in their hand which they see as their selection only for it to be shown to be in the centre all along. A trick where from the outside nothing happens but the spectator is able to see there selection in various positions seemingly through suggestion alone.

Double orgasm. Again, he’s using the moves he showcases to create actual magic. This is a really strong performance piece for an individual that also plays for a large group. The scripting is clunky and a bit up it’s own arse (that’ll be the Ben Earl influence again) but this really is strong magic and well done. You will use this often.

Designed for Laughter –
Description:  My take on the classic trick from Royal Road which has been streamlined with modern sleights and construction.

Fuuuuuuuck. We get it. Just stop. It was shit in the previous download and it’s still shit now. The construction is poor (as shown by how many times he had to run through the deck in the performance section) and “that” switch looks awful and  just isn’t congruent. I’d take this one out back and shoot it if I were you Andy.

What’s the verdict and how much?

All in all I really enjoyed this download and felt like it definitely was money well spent. Get on it.

It currently costs 15 Squids or £15 or 5 x Tesco £3 meal deals or around $20 USD. Andy mentioned at some point that it may not be up forever, so watch it while you can.

If I could make some suggestions for improvement they would be:

Stop with the Royal Road bullshit.

I get it – you European guys all have a fetish for “New Age” bullshit and putting out shitty, basic tricks with tiny tweaks and pretending they’re groundbreaking for some weird reason. If you perform this stuff for lay people, great; but it’s not generally stuff that warrants sharing with other magicians. If every moment is a brilliant moment, none of it is.

Stop with the Gum Road bullshit.

I get this too – magicians are cunts and some people pirate everything. The movie and music industry haven’t stopped it and unfortunately, you won’t either and GumRoad is a steaming pile of horse shit caked in Paul Gordon’s latest facefucking aftermath. Either price it so high that you make your money out of a few purchases or price it so low people will want to buy it direct. Either way, your price point and distribution method are both off.

More of the move monkey stuff plz.

Your audience will love the Window Change and effects and the Hypnosis Card effect too. This is why they follow you. This is your niche. No one would (probably) give a flying fuck if Tony Chang released his handling of the Tantilizer because it’s not his brand and it isn’t yours either. If you use this stuff in real life – great. Enjoy it. No one gives a fuck. We’re not always coming to you and watching your videos for workers. Sometimes we’re watching it for fun stuff we can show our magic friends and maybe our Insta followers.

Peace out, bitches!
Johnny Boy