Brooklyn Playing Card Co. – Ho. Ly. Shit.

by Wouldn't you like to know?

Evening cuntstumps,

While I sip cocktails in an aptly named hotel, I ponder all of the crazy and wondrous shit I saw while I was at Magic Live.

Basically, you’re going to be seeing me fan-girl like a fuckin’ twelve year old meeting his idols over the shit I saw for a while.

Aside from being able to hang out and meet some amazing magicians and people, I got to see some of the newest and greatest shit among all of the mediocre stuff not even worth a mention.


One of the big standouts for me straight up was something I’d heard about from a name on the tip of everyone’s tongue whenever I’m in NYC

Jeff Kellogg and the Brooklyn Playing Card Co.


Aside from Jeff being a goddamn gigantic man and having some excellent underground work, like his ball-tingling  crazy Coins Across routine or his ingenious take on the card in box premise, he has made some of the nicest non-USPCC made cards I’ve felt in a long fucking while; the design has been perfectly done to include his take on an age old marking system, built into the design. What really makes this stand out from other decks in the market is that the markings can be read quickly and easily up close or even from across a room.

Yup. You can confidently and easily read the marks from across the room. Jeff did this for me and a group of magicians multiple times at the Orleans, in shitty Casino floor lighting from 10 feet away and was still hitting it in seconds.


The red colored launch edition decks sold out ridiculously quickly, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few. The level of detail put into these cards for use by magicians is fucking brilliant, and Jeff has really outdone himself with the improvements on the blue V2’s, making the “work” even easier to use and read.


Each order comes with a small card explaining the built-in features of the marking system, outlining the work in enough detail to let you pick up and run with it within a few minutes and fry some fuckers.


Currently, these are available directly from Jeff at Brooklyn Playing Card Company Co. or from Tannen’s in NYC if you’re in town. Pick up a couple of decks and give them a try; you’ll lose your shit over how much fun they can be


More to come soon,