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Month: March, 2018

A “how-to” on being part of The Magic Cafe


Have you had your dose of Elixir yet?


The illusive Elixir magazine is now up for another run, in case you fuckers missed out on the last one.

In case you’ve been hiding under your own ass this whole time:

Elixir is an independent close up magic periodical concocted and published by the ever-patient Mike Helmer out of the Northern Mexican state of Canada. Here are the┬ácontributors to whet your fuckin’ whole ass with excitement

Bill Goodwin
Ryan Plunkett
Jon Racherbaumber
Hideo Kato
Peter Pellikaan
Steve Beam (Hi Steve!)
Miika Pelkonen
Allan Hagen
Mathieu Bich
Michael Kras
Chris Mayhew (One of the many Mayhew brethren)
Gary Plants
Stephen Hobbs (told you I wouldn’t shit on you Hobbs xoxo)

Get in quick at Elixir’s website before Mike runs out again

Review coming soon