A letter from the editor

I’ve had to put Larry back in his cage for a while. I’m afraid his ego got the best of him after he started grinding up his books into a paste and injecting it straight into his tear ducts. At that point, I realised he needed a huge fucking break.

But really, I could give a number of excuses as to why there haven’t been any new posts lately, but the real reason is that the quality of the recent write ups isn’t what I wanted it to be. This isn’t a financial venture, I gain nothing from writing up reviews and putting them online except your readership. And rather than say ‘Fuck you’ to you all and post half-assed shitty reviews, I’ve held back all of my latest write ups and redone most of them. I don’t want to release them until they are the epitome (HA!) of Larry Horayne’s bullshit. Because I really do give a shit about slamming my opinion into your face in the most humorous, yet educational way possible.