A response to some recent statements about me..


Goddamn, sometimes you guys take this shit way too seriously. Assumptions about who I am do not matter. Regardless of who I am or where I’m from, it does not make the statements and facts I present have any less truth to them nor does it change the validity of my opinions and the reasons I give to support them (If you can even begin to appreciate something outside your narrow, comfortable view).

Anyways, a hiatus has been on the cards (hyuck hyuck) for quite some time due to unforeseen circumstances. Some new reviews are in the works as well as some other interesting write ups. As per usual, if you have any requests, post up a comment And if you have any good goss, feel free to share it.

In the mean time, please continue to tongue-punch my fartbox while I ejaculate wisdom and knowledge down onto you fucking plebs.