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Month: March, 2017

What the actual fuck is this? 


Is this the Twilight Zone? Am I experiencing Wesley James Does Erdnase 2: Electric Boogaloo?

How the fuck can anyone be so conceited to assume they know ANYTHING about an anonymous man, from a book written over a hundred years ago, because they did a few scribbles in the borders around their shitty Dover edition of Erdnase in a year?

Fuck me right in the Bottom Palm. Stop smoking your pubish beard, Daniel. This is hilariously tragic.

BUT, this has allowed some fucking amazing responses about how absolutely fucking hilariously shit this attempt at a shallow money-grab is:


Some of my favourite responses:


Jason England – “I’m better than all of you, and I’ve already proven it – Steve Forte”

Jason England – His ad copy boasted of “over 10,000 hours” of practice in that year. There are 8760 hours in a year. He’s apparently very good at time management also.

Chad Long – I’m worse than all of you and I HAVE proven it. 😜

R Paul Wilson – I’m better than Hugard but only half as good as Frederick Braue.

Derek DelGaudio – Look. Madison knows exactly what he’s doing with this sort thing. It’s not ignorance or arrogance, it’s exploitation, and a tactic trolls use to drum up business. Basically, he’s the Milo Yiannopoulos of magic.

Chris Kenner – I thought it was an SNL skit at first.

Jason Ladanye – #betterthanadeadguy

Harapan Ong – Madison First, Erdnase Second

John Lovick –  I don’t know Daniel Madison. But my guess, based on that video is that he’s half joking.

Irving Quant – ERDNASE IS FUCKING OVERRATED!  *ducks and covers while giggling*


Curtis Kam – You guys don’t understand. This annotation of Erdnase goes up to eleven!

David Regal – Maybe he meant the other Erdnase, the pickle magnate.

Rudy Coby – Erdnase couldn’t ski worth shit, though. So I’m calling that.

Allan Hagen – Yeah, but there’s 8 hours of ‘inticatelly’ detailed instructions!






Gratuitous edit:

There’s been a statement released from Ellusionist that some people have been making death threats to Daniel over the whole situation since he put up an “Apology” video where he directly quotes Heath Ledger’s Joker.

He laughed, I laughed. The fridge laughed. Then continued on with my life, after unplugging the fridge. Just in case.

I replied to a comment on it, which I’m reposting below:

I would say to them exactly what I’m going to say to you; calm the fuck down.

It’s 2017, everyone can have a negative opinion and hate shit without taking it to the point of being offended, offending or threatening anyone.

So for someone who is going to make death threats on the internet over card tricks (lol), they need to seek help and grow the fuck up. Shit could be way worse.

Regarding the magicians you highly respect making comments on the whole debacle, I don’t see any well renowned magicians making any threatening remarks, just stating how ridiculous they think the whole thing is, so kind of a dick move in lumping them in with the people making threats. Just sayin’

Also, please realise you’re bitching about a fictional character’s opinion, on the internet (mine or his?)

Plz refrain yourself from the butthurt,


Suck a fat one,





I know I’m extremely late to this, but I needed some time to flesh out what I wanted to say.

We’ve lost two monster names in the magic world last week; Robert (Bob) Cassidy and Daryl Martinez AKA Daryl Easton.

I never knew or spoke with Bob, but seeing the sheer breadth of his knowledge, influence and exposure in both the mentalism and magic in general, he has been nothing but highly spoken of in the group of people I look to for their opinions, advice and thoughts. My sincerest condolences to his family, friends and students around the world.

For Daryl,  I remember first seeing a friend perform some of his work and spending months and hundred of dollars, hoarding basically every book, manuscript and DVD he’s ever done, even buying the reprints of his first books recently redone by Vanishing Inc. I spoke with him a few times via email, and cannot say anything but good things for how he spoke to me, and his enthusiasm about magic; not his own magic, but magic in general

He was among the first guys in the 80’s/90’s to collate the best effects, methods and techniques, along with people like Michael Ammar, to the mainstream market in a format that wasn’t written.

Some will say videos will never be as valuable as a magic book, but all it really did was complement the written word and make it accessible to so many more people; not just for what Daryl created himself, but the ideas, techniques, effect/routine structure and tips that he had painstakingly spent his life searching out, learning and using. It brought the magic scene into the new world. We all still know and use something we’ve learned from Daryl, even if it wasn’t his,  that would have otherwise never been known if it weren’t for him. And for that, I say, thank you.

For Daryl’s unexpected passing, the below message has been shared around on Facebook from some big names in support for his family in this time of grieving:


The office at the Magic Castle has received calls from members and magicians around the world, asking how one can offer support and donations to the Daryl Easton family.

The Academy of Magical Arts has now established a fund to receive donations for Alison Easton, Daryl’s wife, and their two daughters. You can also send bereavement cards for Alison to the AMA offices as well, who will forward them to the family.

If you would like to make a donation to the family, please send a check payable to “The Academy of Magical Arts, Easton Family Fund” to:

The Academy of Magical Arts
ATT: Daryl Easton Family Fund
7001 Franklin Ave
Hollywood CA 90028

If you would like to donate via credit card, please call

Trish Alaskey at 323-851-3313 ext. 301.

The Academy will work with Alison and the family, and pick a date in the future to hold a memorial for Daryl.

If you have any questions, please email the General Manager, Joe Furlow, at:

As time goes on, the people we grew up with, looked up to and idolised will become fewer and fewer. Be good to one another, don’t be a cunt to each other (I’m looking at you, Joe Monti, you complete fuckwad) and share your ideas.