Just stopping by…

Hola mi amigos,

Just thought I’d pop in and point out some interesting things happening at the moment. Lots of activity coming out of Seattle…

Steve Mayhew’s new book ‘MAYHEW: What Women Want’ has been announced by Hermetic Press¬†with a pre-publication price of $35 until February 16th. If you’re familiar with Steve’s work (Angels May Shuffle but the Devil still deals, Impressing Jodie Foster, Full Frontal Mayhew), you will understand that his humour and material is the fucking tits and it is well worth getting.

Stephen Hobbs has released a free, password-protected web-zine, ‘Technical Toolbox’, for some awesome techniques and effects. Possibly material that was intended for his Labryinth magazine? From the table of contents, it looks like a full year worth of good card material (if all goes well) with a new entry put online each week. Keep this one to yourselves and get ready to fuck with your magician friends.

So, what have you cunts been up to? Miss me yet?