More cool shit…

Just ordered a few more goodies for myself for my lonely Xmas…

Mike Helmer’s ‘Elixir Magazine’


I first heard about this from Ryan while I was in Chicago and waited patiently for Mike to reprint it. With a list of contributors like Bill Goodwin, Gary Plants, Ryan Plunkett and Chris Mayhew, you know I was moist the moment I heard about it.

Currently, you can contact Mike via Elixir Magazine’s site to find out if he has any runs left. Looking forward to busting my proverbial nuts on every-thaaaaang

Harapan Ong’s ‘Wabi Sabi’ notes


I do love me some Harapan goodness. For everything you think you know about good card magic, Harapan knows better. Aside from some funny as fuck session material, his awe-inspiring twists and handlings for classic plots make me rock solid without turning it all into a Paul Gordon style circlejerk shit-show. Looking forward to his full feature book out, now being produced by Vanishing Inc.

These are in limited quantity, so try your luck by sending Harapan a DM (and a cheeky follow) on Instagaram @HarapanOng, you lucky fuckers.

Alex Hansford’s ‘Mainspring’


The sequel and companion volume to Alex’s fucking amazing ‘Sprezzatura’ notes, from the blurb, I’m already enthralled. Spending time with Alex is akin to sitting next to a benevolent magic God, taking in everything around him and waiting that extra second or two to respond to let you bask in his deliberation. I can’t believe I hadn’t found out about these sooner, ordered in a heartbeat.

Also, while it may not have effects or methods, hearing about Alex’s inner workings on magic theory, practice and portance will be enjoyable.

Currently, this is available directly from Alex for 30 Squids or £30 for the uninitiated in the Queen’s English.


(Hopefully) Coming soon to my fucking library:

Denis Behr’s ‘Handcrafted Card Magic Vol. 3
(In English, for fucks sake please Denis)

Lance Pierce’s book on Bob Stencel (Just the stories I’ve heard so far make me look forward to this)

Joe Barry & John Cottle’s ‘Operandi’ Magazine

New books/notes/fucking anything from Ryan Plunkett, Michael Feldman, Nathan Colwell, Mike Pisciotta, Hector Chadwick and Tony fuckin’ Chang

What else am I missing?



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