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Friends and Astronauts

Quick one,

Eric Hu, one of the nicest dudes out there, is currently doing a project titled “Friends and Astronauts”; Sharing unpublished contributions from some great guys in magic for absolutely nothing!


If you can, feel free to donate to the groups linked for COVID-19 relief, but if you can’t spare any bucks, just enjoy the project, share it with your friends and be a part of it. You can follow this project also on it’s instagram or subscribe on their site for email updates.

First up, we have Tatanka Tan, Ryan Plunkett, Joel Greenwich and Kevin Ho.

Each collection will be up until the next is available; don’t worry, Eric said he plans on reposting all of it in future.



May Update; Hold onto your fuckin’ dick & balls…

… because THIS fucking book is about to finally drop into your hot little laps



Ryan’s opus is now finally available for pre-order ($50 USD)
Shipping next Monday (11th May 2020)

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a copy earlier at the soft-launch, or, unlike me, able to sneakily get a copy straight from Ryan himself, now’s your chance to finally get your hands on one of the most fucking fun magic books I’ve read in a while.

Ryan’s material is a perfect example of a calculated, balanced approach; the right amount of effort, with practical methods and direct objectives, but expertly layered, so when the denouement hits, you’re already too far gone and just have to bask in the beautiful moments he’s curated for you.

I’m not going to spoil anything in this books, it’s all just too good and too much fun to play with.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s a video of Harapan Ong performing his take on one of the effects explained in Distilled.

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DISTILLED BY RYAN PLUNKETT: Available on May 4th at @vanishingincmagic When I first visited Chicago five years ago, I had to find a place to stay. I was asked to call a magician by the name of Ryan Plunkett @plunk_n_grind and so I did. We were complete strangers at that time, but bound by our common love for magic, he agreed to let me, this unknown Asian dude, stay at his place for a few days. Since then, we have become very good friends. In some ways, we are at the opposite ends of the magic community: I'm just a hobbyist who likes to play with weird card tricks, whereas Ryan is genuinely one of the most talented working magicians in America I've ever met. On top of running the @chicagomagiclounge , he somehow manages to find time to invent new routines and publish books full of strong and practical magic. Which is why I'm very excited about his latest release, Distilled. The routines in this book are not just a bunch of pipe dreams. As the title suggests, these are routines straight out of Ryan's working repertoire at the Chicago Magic Lounge that have been refined and honed to perfection. You will get a mixture of tricks from his walkaround set, as well as his formal close up set. Some of them might even be able to play for a larger parlour setting. I've chosen to do a variation of one of the card items in the book, cut down to fit in 1 minute. It is called Ace on Top, and is just one of 10 routines you'll find in this beautifully produced book by @vanishingincmagic . The book will be released tomorrow (Monday), so stay tuned if you want to learn some professional magic from a real worker.

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Also, a cheeky little release from one of the boys across the pond;
The Window change by Sleightlyobsessed

Love ya, Andy!



Checking in with everyone…

We’re going to take a bit of a different tone in this post, with the current global pandemic happening.

Since there’s been a huge shift in everything going on in the world, it’s probably for the best that we all take stock in what is happening, how it impacts our personal lives, friends and family around us and the community at large. Whether or not you’re directly impacted, it’s safe to say a majority of you are feeling it in some way, shape or form.

Considering this, there are a lot of people who you can reach out to online for content, or even lessons, books, manuscripts etc. I’ve made a list below, but would also love to hear more recommendations from you for things to watch, read and look out for to pass the time.

  • The Jerx – Andy from the Jerx has been an ongoing source of good, in-depth magic dialogue with a very refreshing perspective. He’s been posting daily lately, so definitely worth checking in regularly



What’s some other good shit that people should be checking out?




Continue avoiding Paul Gordon and his bullshit like the fucking plague. He needs to also stop stealing shit and stop attributing quotes to his shit that he never got from decent magicians who actually worked hard and honest to make a name for themselves.
He needs to be “socially distanced” away from society and into the fucking sun.


Something New; March 2020

Taking a break from your Forte books or still waiting for your books to arrive?

I gotchu, fam

If you’re familiar with the works of Paul Vigil and Jared Kopf,  two modern-day shaman’s on par with Grant Morrison’s level of mindfuckery, you’ll certainly know who John Wilson is.


John’s work has been underground for a little while but with good reason; his unassuming disposition perfectly blends with a depth of meaning and connection in how he interacts with and enthralls his audience, both in person and in the written form. It really is mesmerising to experience.

His simple yet impactful renditions of often overused or commonplace plots and methods in card magic, such as ‘Poker Player’s Picnic’ and ‘Chicago Opener’ are gorgeous.

John previously released two volumes, titled ‘You and Me and the Devil Makes Three’ as either a download or soft cover booklet. He has recently released a combined edition of Vol. 1 and 2, with an additional 3rd volume in one perfect-bound book, under the same title.

As a sweetener, he’s also released a second book, titled ‘Postidigitation’. I don’t currently have much on this, aside from John’s own words that it’s “… a collection of mostly automatic writings that explain magic in all of its forms and perform magic for the reader“.


From this, I feel like it will be an exploration piece into magic theory as an experience, not just for performers, but also for laypeople to read. Interested to see what kind of reception it gets

Currently, the ‘You and Me’ combined edition is only available directly through John for $100 USD plus postage (depending on where you are in the world), while the ‘Postidigitation’ book is available for $35 USD plus postage. Reach out to him on Facebook if you’re interested.

Bye bye for now,


RIP Roy Walton

Another one of the greatest innovators in card magic of the last 50 years has passed away; Unfortunately, I never did get the chance to meet Roy Walton, but his material, presence and legacy has been a source of influence, support and inspiration for many, and hopefully, for many more to come.

Many have posted or shared nothing but praise, respect and admiration for the absolute humble powerhouse this man was (except one person who decided to make it about himself. You know who you are).


This year has been a hard slog already, losing two of our finest far too soon. Take this time to spend time with your friends, family and loved ones. Give that extra 5 minutes to the newcomer magician, or the out of place person at the magic meeting. Look out for one another.


Two things that made me laugh this week

“We’ve been up to something” – Ben Earl

Aside from the obvious money grab that is Studio 52/ The Shift shit show, which clearly no magic distributor in their right mind wanted to touch or publish because of how shit the material/theory/content was, what else can we expect?

The Shift Vol. 3? Past Midnight Vol. 2? Ben actually releasing good material again? A fucking apology? Because that would be a huge surprise that noone expected.

Fuck Joe Crist and his bullshit attempts at trying to remain relevant on Forte’s coat tails

Joe’s influence and impact on the magic community has been the equivalent of a wet shart; noone wanted it, it’s uncomfortable for everyone involved and noone wants anything like it to happen again. Go back to charging exorbitant amount for people to meet your ass to see a hack performer try to shit talk them into being a “high liner”. Go fuck yourself with a rake.

You’re higher than giraffe pussy if you feel like anyone actually gives a fuck about what you think

Cheeky breeky update/edit:

Forte will likely do a second run based on the unprecedented response and selling out so quickly. See Jason’s response posted on the Cafe below.

That being said, there are a number of people who are severely butthurt by the idea of a second run, which seems to be from a lot of people buying multiple copies and trying to make a profit off it.

The cherry on top is how many of them (before the comments/posts were deleted off Genii and the Cafe) is that they were trying to hide their shitty responses behind a wall of some self-entitled ethical fairness bullshit they have (i.e. limited availability means less people have the secrets).

This differs greatly from people like Ben Earl who spout the false scarcity of projects, books, DVDs etc and then sell it on for mass production. That’s some bullshit

Fuck em, enjoy the book.



Gambling Sleight of Hand by Steve Forte

Since the cat’s out of the bag and people all over are posting about it, Steve’s magnum opus, ‘Gambling Sleight of Hand’, will be released in the next day or so.

What we know is that it will be priced at $300 USD plus postage, it will be two volumes consisting of a combination of his annotations/corrections/taking a huge shit on Erdnase, as well as his collected material, techniques, practice drills etc. for the vast expanse of his different techniques and methods for real and pseudo gambling routines and effects. Only 1000 sets will be printed, with only one version of the books available (i.e. no deluxe/special editions).


Speaking with a number of the people involved in this project (Gary, Jack, Sal, Jason etc.), this is going to be the book to undo the last 100 years of card magic and actually reaffirm proper card handling in the most positive and constructive way.

The website is currently live, but there is no store or items listed just yet. Once it goes live, books will be sent out by early Feb at the latest in the order in which they were purchased. This will only be available direct from Steve, so make sure you get in fast.


January 2020 check-in

Hope everyone had a good holiday break, now back to the fuckery…


It’s here..

Ryan Plunkett’s new book; ‘Distilled’

Recently released as a soft launch at Magifest, Ohio, the Chicago Magic Lounge mainstay’s new hardback tome sold out in under 5 minutes. Having been privileged to hang out with Ryan previously and seeing a good chunk of the content performed in person, I can personally attest that this is the book to get ASAP.


The production quality and layout/photography looks absolutely gorgeous, with a foreword from Mike Pisciotta, 10 items across approx 200 pages or so. Speaking with Ryan, it’s mostly card magic, one item with a bill and one coin item, all suited to a formal close up setting.

Soon to be available for $50 USD per copy directly from Ryan or from Vanishing Inc./your favourite magic distributor.

Next up… Nick Diffatte’s ‘Funny’

With glowing endorsements from Mac King, Paul Kozak, Stephen Bargatze and Nick Lewin, Nick’s focus on creating and performing unique and actually funny comedy magic is now available.

Nick is a funny fucker, and an amazing magician too. Some say he’s a time travelling Jimmy Grippo. Some say that he’s on his fifteenth Twitter account. Some say that his dick and balls resemble a Gustav Klimt painting.

Currently, this is only available from Nick for $25 USD plus $2 postage in the US (Contact Nick for international postage quotes).

Reach out to him on Facebook, his website, or contact him at

To take us out, here’s a beautiful little snippet from that dick-swinging genius, Juan Tamariz


RIP Simon Aronson

We’ve lost one of the biggest proponents of magic as we know it today. Our thoughts are with Ginny and the Aronson family.



Even more (good) shit to buy: A November 2019 Addendum


When I heard that he quietly released this at the TRICS convention a few weeks ago, I literally sharted in anger that I wasn’t there to give him a huge fucking hug and a kiss on such a momentous occasion, and was overcome with relief that the wait is finally over…



I first read about Scott in Steve Beam’s ‘The Trapdoor’ and fell in love with his unorthodox, yet amazingly elegant solutions to things like ‘Dr Daley’s Last Trick’, ‘Jack Syna(ps)ces’ and the ‘Ultra Mental deck’ AKA ‘The Invisible Deck’ (See ‘Riding the Wave’). If you’ve never seen any of Scott’s material, here’s a taste of what to expect.


I began to pore over everything he had released or published, including his ‘Sleight Club’ notes, contributions to Steve’s other major ongoing ‘Semi-Automatic Card Tricks’ series and waited patiently to hear when it was coming out.  It’s here and I am so fucking grateful for it.


I just received my copy and it is absolutely gorgeous; smooth, purple satin fabric in the same shape as the retrospective edition of Jack Parker’s ’52 Memories’, which you should already own.  Currently, it’s available from most magic dealers for approx $60 USD, this is one of THE magic books to get right now.


Next up is a freebie, but holy shit has this come out at the right time.

Harapan Ong’s ‘To Your Credit’.

Unfortunately, crediting in magic is often overlooked, misplaced or misguided when looking at the huge amounts of new (and old) material literally smacking you in the face every day. The reality is that if you were to just go on face value from the book/DVD or download you’re enjoying, you may not be getting the full picture or understanding of what you’re learning.


This is why GOOD, unadulterated crediting is so crucial in not only understanding a method, plot or effect’s genesis and evolution for yourself, but also for authors, creators and historians researching and having a consistent shared view as a community for what has come before. Too many magicians can now easily publish something without references, credits or acknowledgements and all it creates are historic tangents, devoid of purpose other than ego and dick-swinging.


Harapan’s 80 page e-book covers off the pitfalls and risks with improper crediting, while also identifying when, how and why you should credit and creating a need to research and understand what has come before, and why it’s important to ask those questions and seek out that information. Currently, this is only available as a download from Vanishing Inc for free, I highly recommend getting this and taking every lesson he shares to heart

Last but not least are some new books from the underground Chicago-based magician, Jeremiah Zuo

Screenshot 2019-11-29 at 14.43.41

I met Jeremiah through Tom Dobrowolski almost 10 years ago when I was in Chicago and he fooled the fuck out of me. He recently released two new book projects, ‘Confessions of a Magic Fan’, a collection of his card magic routines and some of his moves, as well as ‘Hollingworth for Mortals’, a variation of Guy Hollingworth’s Reformation T&R.If you’re into Coin magic, definitely worth checking out his ‘Institutes of a Coin Magic Fan’.

Screenshot 2019-11-29 at 14.51.14
Screenshot 2019-11-29 at 14.50.40
Currently, the Coin/Card books are available for $25 USD plus postage each, and the Hollingworth variation is available for $15 plus postage. You can only get these from Jeremiah directly. Tell him Larry said Hi!