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And now, to fill the gaping hole in your life left by this blog and for your viewing pleasure, a guest review from our own sweet bearded delight of a man, Jammy Swisse Roll:

In November 2015, Benjamin Earl published a small booklet called F For Fiction for £25. Here is an excerpt from the sales pitch:

“I am releasing F for Fiction, a new publication for the lovers of insanely strong card magic. This publication features three killer routines, ALL of which work in close-up, parlour*** and stage settings. These effects can all be performed with a borrowed, shuffled deck and look like real magic. This is card magic at its strongest and will fool laymen and magicians alike.

F for Fiction

1) Four-Card Impossible
A spectator shuffles a deck of cards and then impossibly locates four-of-a-kind! This devastatingly fooling routine leaves no clue to its methodology; it just looks like a miracle. This gem can be performed with a borrowed, shuffled deck and will fool the heck out of everyone.

2) Finish 52
A freely named card is impossibly located from a shuffled deck. A spectator shuffles a deck of cards and the deck is then placed into the performers pocket. The spectator now names any card they want, despite the fact the deck cannot be seen, and has been genuinely shuffled, the performer is able to reach into his pocket and remove their freely named card! Remember… the spectator genuinely names any card they want and the deck has been shuffled! This effect is impossible to fathom****.

3) Followers
This is my handling of Dai Vernon’s ‘The Travelers’, however, ‘Followers’ is not only cleaner and easier to perform, but it has a climax that nobody sees coming! ‘Followers’ also has a post-modern presentation, which transforms the routine into a stunning, virtuosic, spectacle*****. This is a very special routine, which I suspect will be immediately adopted by many. It has been a secret weapon of mine for many years and part of me is dying inside for finally releasing it.

*Also included*
• The Fade Away Deck Vanish (a visual deck vanish which looks like trick photography).
• Many other technical and psychological tips and techniques.”

On face value, sounds pretty good, but like most ads, this is focusing more on selling the good, the bad and the ugly as the next best thing…

Let’s take a real hard look at F For Fiction:

1) Four-Card Impossible

Effect: A spectator shuffles the deck. You now remove a single card and give it to the spectator to put in a pocket. They now handle the cards for the rest of the effect: to start, the spectator selects a random card for the performer to place in his pocket. Now they cut the deck in two: with one half they reverse a card in the middle and with the other half they cleanly cut it in two. The card they gave you is an Ace, the card in their pocket is an Ace, the card they cut to is an Ace and the card they reversed is an Ace! All four cards have been found and it can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck at any time.

This effect is Benjamin Earl’s take on Larry Jennings’ Prefiguration effect (well, similar style of effect). He says he wanted to do this effect in such a way that the performer appears to have never touched the deck and there are no complex moves.

Okay let’s stop right here for a second. If you wanted to do some kind of production of a 4 of a kind (or a matching 4 of a kind) where you appear to never touch the deck, what techniques might you use for such a criteria?

… Think about it for a second… I’ll wait….

Did you say Cull? Criss Cross Force? Pastrami Sandwich? Some kind of Gemini Twins style dealing procedure?

If you guessed any of those, either you’re a god damn psychic or you already own these notes, because those are the”psychologically disguised” techniques in play. Now I’ll concede and say that this is a simple and straight forward effect and method, but why would you published this shit??!?! This is the type of shit people come up with after playing around with a deck for a few hours after reading Micah Lasher’s shit-stain of a beginner book (10/10, would recommend).

If you’re insistent on trying this out, just make sure you get your timing, presentation and misdirection down right, or may as well just punch yourself in the dick repeatedly for 5 minutes, because you’d probably get the same outcome; disappointment and a really sore dick.

For those interested in a more interesting take on the plot, check out out Bill Goodwin’s Pre-Pre-figuration from  his “Notes From The Batcave” lecture notes or his more recent Still Waters DVD

2) Finish 52

Effect: A spectator shuffles a deck and it is placed into the performer’s pocket (the deck is genuinely shuffled and the performer cannot see a single card). The spectator names any card they like and, without looking, the performer then produces the named card from his pocket!

Did you get a semi-chub too? Did your nostrils flare as you shit yourself in excitement? This sounds FUCKING AMAZING! But wait, after reading the method, the effect is actually slightly different. Let me fix it for you guys:

Effect: A spectator shuffles a deck and it is placed into the performer’s pocket (the deck is genuinely shuffled and the performer cannot see a single card). The spectator names any card they like (e.g. 7 of Spades) and, without looking, the performer then produces a 3 of Spades and 4 of diamonds which combined make up the 7 of Spades….or a 2, 4 and an Ace. This deluded performer has now concluded he has found the named spectator’s card from his pocket.

The first phase is terrible and should have been shot at birth…. and the second phase is what a performer might do as an “out” when you get the spectator’s card wrong in a trick, and then have to secretly locate, cull and produce it from your pocket.

I’m going to repeat that to let it sink in HOW FUCKING TERRIBLE THIS EFFECT IS:

  1. Terrible first phase
  2. Second phase is something you could literally add to 90% of cards tricks if you fuck them up…that’s why it’s a strong out.

And Ben wants you to think he’s a genius by adding it as an intentional phase/finale..

Bravo, Ben…


3) Followers

Effect: Four Aces are signed and placed into the middle of the deck. Instantaneously, the Aces vanish from the deck. Three Aces are found in different pockets about the performer and finally the deck completely visibly disappears, leaving the final Ace at the performer’s fingertips.

I have to admit..This is a decent version of the Travellers plot, but again,  it just feels like something you would come up with playing around with a deck for a few hours (or less).

Imagine you have 4 aces on top of the deck…how would you produce them from your pocket? Got your list ready?

Okay good…chances are 4 of the ways on your list are in this trick.

Like trick #1, it’s a decent trick and I could probably see it playing strong (if you execute all your palms and sleights properly without looking like a janky arthritic mole man).

As for the ‘trick photography’ deck vanish…. Meh…
Not that great.

So, what’s the dealio?

One trick was straight up shit soup on a hot Sunday. I wouldn’t perform it if my life depended on it.

The other two tricks were kind of decent, but feel like shit you can come up with while learning your double lifts from your double undercuts.

I was going to also review his recent works “Less is More 3”, “Less is More Bonus” and “Switch” but my thoughts on these works are more or less the same:


Does he genuinely believe he added something significant to the effect? Is he really charging £25 for this shit”. F for Fiction is no exception. Ben tries to disguise his simplicity and underwhelming methods by emphasizing the psychology of the effect with shit like “trust me, this is psychologically fooling for both laymen AND magicians…if I could I’d show you in person and you’d be fooled…I’ve developed this over many years and refined it…blah blah blah….I’m a  motherfuckin’ genius, get on my dick”

I don’t see any genius in this piece of work, as Ben himself claims to be. This booklet sucks. Not recommended.

RIP Barrie Richardson

Nothing else to say


Consumption in absentia

I’m still here, I just feel like you fucks don’t deserve to hear what I have to say.

Here’s what I’m interested in right now:

Blomberg’s Laboratories – I’ve always held a special, sweaty place in my mind for Tomas and his shenanagins. Andi Gladwin teased us earlier this year with this video. Can’t wait to sit for hours on end on my sunken ass cheeks, devouring this book’s insanity.

Scott Robinson’s book by Vanishing Inc – Not much info around about this unfortunately except this sneaky little mention, but I’m a big fan of Scott’s work so I’m looking forward to anything the man has to offer!

Tony Chang’s book of Card Magic (AKA Legend of Chony Tang 2; Electric Boogaloo) – Seriously, the fuck Tyler? Such a cock tease.

HalfHalfMan – An interesting venture from some of the biggest minds of the current generation of magicians, some really interesting looking stuff.. worthwhile? Let’s find out..

David Ben’s ‘The Experts at the Card Table” – David Ben is one of the main reasons I enjoy magic still. He’s also Canadian, so he’s instantly a Saint. This first book in a trilogy, it looks like the kind of stuff dreams are made of. Not bullshit that just fell out of someone’s face overnight.

Also, I hear that Kaufman is almost done with the Tenyo book, which should be .. interesting? Maybe then he can get on with other things, like the Larry Jenning’s books which we’ve been waiting for this whole fucking time

Things that I would rather be beaten to death with:

Designing Miracles audiobook – Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to turn a magic theory book into an audio book? It’s not like the fuckin’ armchair army of assholes over at the Cafe even read the book, let alone will listen to the whole thing without falling asleep and shitting themselves from boredom. I have respect for the thought and intent in the book, but turning it into an audiobook is just making the spoon-fed assholes among the magicians have even more convenient means to completely ignore and talk shit about.

Everything that Doug Edwards has ever and will ever publish – Enough said

There must be more shit out there. What else is new? TELL ME!

No, seriously. Tell me. I need things to read.

Gettin’ a blumpkin,

I’M NOT YOUR BUDDY, GUY; Chris Mayhew and Tyler Wilson’s ‘The EH Team’ notes

I know.. I’m soooo fucking overdue for this. At least I’m not taking your money for bullshit pre-orders and spending it on coke, hookers and corduroy assless chaps. At least give me that courtesy.

I’m a bit of a fan of Canada. Aside from some of the best minds in magic (Dai Vernon, Stewart James,David Ben, Tyler “God among Men” Wilson <3 etc.), they are some of the nicest people in the world. Seriously. They could apologise at each other for shit they are not even remotely responsible for. Canadian’s must get pissed at each other if people don’t apologise enough. Also, they are the Guardians of maple syrup. ball nectar of the Gods. If they didn’t accept the French so much (excluding Vincent and Boris), I would probably call them perfect.

So when I heard that Tyler and Chris were leaving their merry land of Jizz syrup, moosefucking and daily apology quotas to do a lecture tour of the West Coast, I immediately shat myself into a coma in excitement, called my agent and told him to cancel all my bookings. Unfortunately I don’t have an agent, nor does anyone book an octogenerian, opinionated pain in the ass who faintly smells of piss and mothballs. So basically, I was just really excited and equally bummed that I was going to miss out because of my hectic schedule of doing sweet fuck all.

Luckily, a friend/ass-kissing bitch boy (who wishes to remain nameless and hairless) planned to get a copy of the notes for me. Hearing that it was for moi, Tyler spiced up my copy with a special inlay. Let me just say that seeing one man’s distended anus’ is seeing one too many men’s distended anus’ (anii?). But, I digress.

So a big thank you to Tyler for the thought and hospitality; I really fucking hate you (Jks, ily<3, we should bang).

The notes are 37 pages long in a fine quality A5 layout, and exceptionally well produced and contains 7 items with some weird fucking names (You sneaky fucker, Tyler…Sorry Chris). Let’s get into this shit.

MR. HANDS – Chris Mayhew
A card that has been sitting in a spectator’s hand changes to be her selection. Big fucking deal, this is like card magic 101 shit. But, this is a bit of a mindfuck of a plot. Chris has taken the core weakness of the effect (i.e. expecting that the card in the hand will turn into the selection) out by tweaking the context of where and what the attention is on. By doing so, the spectator doesn’t jump the gun and expect what’s going to happen, allowing for the effect to hit a bit deeper. The spectator is fooling themselves, which is basically how every effect should be. That’s smart. Give this man a medal. I’ve also seen this style of thinking applied to introducting a four of a kind. Figure that shit out.

UPDOG – Tyler Wilson
This reminds me of Aronson/Bannon/Solomon’s ‘Among the Discards’ for the ending. A standard sandwich trick finishes.. and then keeps going. This effect goes into some unknown territory in a way, as there’s no real indication of what’s going to happen until the revelation where the whole effect comes full circle. To be honest, I really didn’t like some parts of the handling, but I silently mind-jizzed over the implications of the effect and the comments and explanation Tyler gave of the effect. There’s a lot of value in the effect, but the handling seems a bit off for some reason. I can’t quite put my penis on/in it. It’s a weird one. I spent three days trying to make another handling and all I got was bloated and some papercuts on my taint. Overall, really enjoyed the effect but just felt like there could be a less fiddly way to achieve the inception-like effect of a sandwich within a sandwich, or a Chipotle within a Taco Bell shooting out of my rectal cavity at Mach 3.

KIM CARD ASHIAN – Chris Mayhew
Another fucking sandwich trick… Really? HAHA JUST KIDDING, I’M HILARIOUS. If you can’t do a 25 phase sandwich routine, you are lower than the plebs who lovingly gaze up towards my sack for guidance. Chris has taken the sandwich plot and combined it with the Partagas Sell/Dunbury Delusion plot, where the magician fucks up and uses the selection in the course of finding the selection. The effect is short and to the point and I love how simple the handling is for the mileage you get out of the effect. My only issue with Chris’ effect was the initial handling for the selection. Without giving anything away, the method calls for the selected card to be removed by the performer and then lost back into the middle a second later. For the purpose of the method, I can think of at least 4 different ways to achieve the required result while avoiding weird unnecessary actions. Aside from that, love the simple twist that Chris has made with the plot mash-up. Give that man some Poutine.

HOT POCKET – Tyler Wilson
Finally, an effect that couples good magic with my crippling fear and inability of touching other people (Hoverhanding like a motherfucker, errr’day). Praise to you, based Tyler. The performer attempts to recreate the shortest ‘Hands Across America’ re-enactment/expressive dance number while showing them he’s capable of blowing their fucking minds. While he holds two spectator’s hands, the performer has another spectator choose a card and write it down on a piece of paper. The performer then asks the spectator to go into his shirt pocket, which she had previously removed other items from, to find the card matching her mental selection which she wrote down. I really loved this because of how ballsy it is while being fairly simple and straightforward as an effect for both the performer and the audience. The comments and tips at the end also show some awesome approaches to the method and effect that really do make a difference. If only you could somehow substitute the hand holding for crotch-grabbing, this would be the perfect effect. Shame on you Tyler . You were the chosen one.

KZSDYFBNCZK – Chris Mayhew
An effect that highlights how awesome Chris can be, and the dickish depths that Tyler can go to (I know your tricks, Mr Wilson). Chris takes Tyler’s ‘Updog’ sandwich-ception and puts a little spin on it. This handling feels a bit more like what I was going for when I was trying out Tyler’s effect, the handling feels more practical and tangible for an audience. A spectator’s selected card is produced between two cards and the selection is put aside. Another three cards are produced from between the sandwich cards and put aside. The deck and sandwich cards are put aside, and the performer picks up the four cards put aside through the trick, which smoothly transform into the selection being sandwiched by the two sandwich cards used at the start of the effect. Fuck yeah, throwbacks. Love you, Chrissy-Poo

SHORTSERS CUT – Tyler Wilson
Mandatory coin trick. Before reading this, I really didn’t have high hopes. Not a huge coin guy lately. Basically, the performer is able to perform an estimation/impossible location/impossible situation effect progression using only coins. At first, I called bullshit but warmed up to it.. here’s what I mean.

Reaction to first phase explanation: Fucking coin snatch bullshit. What a crock of shi…

Reaction to second phase: …. Ahhhhhhhh. You fucking sneaky sasquatch bastard, Tyler.

Reaction to all subsequent phases:

maxresdefault“FUUUUUCKKK YOUUUUUU TYLER!!!!!!”

I really dislike how much happiness this routine gave me. The effect is great, the method is hilariously practical to learn and perform. It’s something that has a perverse and weirdly satisfying cause and effect for the method. Muchos gracias, Señor Wilson.

These fuckin’ effect names.. brilliant. I like this effect, not because it was groundbreaking in what it achieved in the method or presentation, but because it just felt like a practical solution for the premise but also mixed it up a bit. A spectator names a card from the spread, the cards are then openly mixed face up and face down ala Jennings display. Half of the mixed up mess is cut into the spectator’s hand, the other half left in the magician’s. The moment happens, the magician’s half visually corrects itself, and the spectator spreads through their half, finding the cards all corrected except for the selection. Again, this is not the most amazing handling in the history of the world, but it has a special place in my heart (and my loins).

So… What’s the dealio? Worth it?

I really liked these notes. They didn’t make me question my sanity or challenge my perceptions of the universe (Fuck off with your “life changing” bizarre magick bullshit), but I had fun. I genuinely enjoyed reading and learning from the notes (as always, with Tyler and Chris’ write ups), but I also really enjoyed the effects as well.

Unfortunately, you could only get these if you were lucky enough to attend Tyler/Chris’ West Coast lecture tour last year.. Unless Tyler and Chris are considering another book release (Pretty pleaaaaaaaaase?)

If you manage to find these notes somehow and you’re a fan of Chris and Tyler’s previous works, get them. Good luck fucking finding them, bitches

I’m out, going to head back into my hole in the ground for another 6-12 months.


Hey Bullfrog

You know what’s worse than a shit review?

No review.



Yes, I’m still here…

And no, I still don’t give a shit about anything you think, except the magical genius that plops out of my ass on a regular basis (Been a bit blocked up lately).

Here’s some shit that I’ve just caught up on. Old news, but hey, fuck you.
Most of my work is just regurgitated shit anyways, and people keep buyin’ it.

Conjuring Credits website
Unless you’ve been living under the ass-end of the known universe, Denis Behr should be a familiar name. Aside from his exceptionally huge hands, excessive consumption of beer and recent fascination with making dainty macarons, this German adonis also has two exceptional books on card magic, some great videos showing bullshit hard techniques being done well and a meticulously detailed book archive that makes me rock hard whenever I’m doing research.

Combining efforts from Conjuring Arts’ ‘Ask Alexander’ database, Denis, Bill Kalush, Tyler Wilson (<3), Aurelio Paviato, Roberto Giobbi and Dan Smith have made this unified historical resource available for all of us to enjoy. FYI, for like 99% of you from the Cafe, this means exactly DICK as you fuckers don’t care about anything beyond the shit I sling at you. To everyone else, it’s the kind of stuff that’s good to know if you give a shit about what you do.

Gary Plants’ new website & DVD
Gary has recently re-done his website, coinciding with the release of his Zarrow shuffle DVD. Having met Gary and seen him perform flawless Zarrows, false deals and fool the shit out of me with some insanely well-constructed material, I can’t recommend his stuff enough. He also makes some high quality gaffed cards and decks. Love you Gary xoxo.

The Hollingworth Collection
If Hugh Grant became a sexier, more-British-than-shitting-the-Queen-with-scones-and-tea giant, time travelled back to when trilbys were fashionable and started doing magic, you’d get Guy Hollingworth. Aside from his devilish good looks and whispering sweet nothings in my ear, he has released a new limited edition box set through the Buck Twins, collecting his previously impossible to find Routines, The Reformation and the London Collection VHS videos, as well as new/updated material in a pretty little box. Better get onto that shit soon, or you will miss out. Call me Guy ;)

The Skinner Tapes
Not sure how I feel about this. I love Michael Skinner’s material and respect the legacy the man left. A collection of audio CD’s recounting tips from the man sounds awesome, but I’m not sure how practically some of the finesses can be articulated. Looks like a very impressive amount of content covered, anyone want to give an opinion on it? I’m broke as fuck right now.

Anything else good that I missed?
It’s quiet as fuck in here.






Excuse me while I furiously masturbate until this book arrives,



What’s new, pussycat?

Slowly easing myself back into this whole “writing shit for you fuckers” thing, like an oiled phallus into a well-prepared anus. It ain’t easy being this old and this right all the time.

Chris Mayhew’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Effects‘ DVD has been released recently, after its recent premier screening (Also available through Lee Asher). I haven’t seen it yet, but I loves me some Chris Mayhew, Glenn West and Ben Train so it has to be good. If not, I’m swearing off Canada for life… You guys are already toeing the line with this whole ‘bags of milk‘ thing. Who the fuck does that?

At $40 a pop, the DVD seems a big pricey for only 8 effects, however the manner in how it’s laid out, effects performed and explained throughout a story, looks awesome. Anyone received their copy yet?

My good friend, confidant and fellow Hawaiian shirt/Bacon enthusiast, Tom Dobrowolski of Midwest Magic in Franklin Park, IL has released a new set of notes titled ‘The Expert At the Breakfast Table’, 11 effects from Tom and a range of other magicians. I thoroughly enjoyed his last set of notes (Tom and his Merry Men) so I’m looking forward to these.  Available in PDF ($12) or hardcopy ($15) plus shipping. Drop Tom an email or Facebook message for more info. Mahalo for your kōkua, Tom.

Any other recent announcements or releases in the magic community recently? Share the love you fucking pricks.

A hui hou kakou,


“Larry Horayne is the Zoe Barnes of magic” – Rich Aviles

Fuckin’ Aviles and his witty comments.

Working on some new write ups. Being that I’ve been out of the game for a while (as I’m writing up my Greatest hits vol 1 through whenever I need money next), any requests or thoughts for the next few reviews?

Considering some of the books/manuscripts published in the last year (including the ones that I’ve read and fucking hated).. Good suggestions automatically become my property, because it seems to work for most big named magicians (Fucking dick holes)



p.s. Fuck Zoe Barnes and all Zoe Barnes related metaphors

‘I was kidnapped. Left in Taiwan. And all I got were these notes’; The legend of Chony Tang


If you’ve ever been in Tony Chang’s presence, you will know how smooth that bastard is.  He glides effortlessly from place to place, brain-fucking the masses with his devilish card-concoctions and sly wit. He is essentially Tyler Wilson and the Dalai Llama’s love child/ butt-baby.

If you don’t know about Tony Chang or haven’t seen his work, check out his site (which sadly hasn’t been updated since 2011). His write-ups, musings and videos show not only how well he can execute his batshit-crazy sleights and effects, but also how scientific and meticulous he is in his approach to both the theory and methods in magic. In the last few years, his work has become more and more visible to the magic community, with instant downloads through Theory11 and Vanishing Inc., and more recently Tyler Wilson’s cock-tease of announcing his authorship of a hardcover collection of Tony’s magic.

To whet our appetites, Tony recently (recent as in July 2013 recent.. fuck I’m behind) released a set of lecture notes. After speaking with Tyler for a bit, I had mixed expectations of the lecture notes. Yes, the material in the notes was originally written for the book, however they decided to cull them from the book and put them together in the notes; almost like the B-sides of Tony’s collected works. Yes, the layout, photography and production quality of the notes is excellent. Yes, the crediting and history of each item is impeccably researched and laid out. And yes, it’s Tony-Fucking-Chang’s material..


Tyler said that he didn’t expect the notes to be more than a limited release of 30 or so sets, so it was put together in a fairly short period. There ended up being a lot more made, and the demand had them sell out VERY quickly. Due to the short turnaround for when they were made, Tyler’s trademark humour and wit is missing from most of the write up, and I did find some random grammatical errors but nothing that changed the write-up to be unreadable or illogical. One of the biggest moments that threw me while reading these notes was the inclusion of something that wasn’t card magic (as all of Tony’s currently released work has been card magic), but my initial dismay turned into awe after seeing that the depth and ingenious ideas that Tony contributes to card magic extends to every genre of magic he touches. (That fucking bastard. ily<3)

Let me show you what I mean…

I really enjoyed this.  The first item in the notes is a piece of ‘perverse’ card magic methodology. Tony shares his idea on utilising a spread cull after a selection has been taken from the deck. The thing I love about this (and why it is perverse) is because part of his method actually has the spectator do half the work for you. It’s unheard of. It’s fucking baller. I love it. Also, the tips on culling can be applied to general culling, and how to counter the ‘tells’ that people usually have. Way to make a girl feel special, Tony.

That zen moment of clarity only comes around so often. This item is a great example of a classic sleight/subtlety/control from LePaul that we all most likely know (unless you’re a fucking pleb who knows nothing, i.e. all of you), but is seldom used because it just doesn’t “fit” anywhere. It’s out of place because the move is it’s own moment, rather than blending into a series of moments and movements. Tony’s recontextualization of the move to a different plane and his thoughts on the spread and unsquared deck made me moist. This is something that you can pick up and run with, but the more thought and attention you give to it, the better it will be.

Remember how I said that there was a non-card item that made me rock hard? This is it. One of the biggest flaws with most magic, regardless of what type, is the proximity of cause and effect, especially in close up. Even if the method is completely hidden, any kind of movements or action that occur at the same time as the effect is subconciously linked as the reason it happened. If you were to perform an effect with no discernible movement, it would look like real magic.This is what Tony has achieved, taking a standard effect and tool and making it pure magic. No spoilers on what the effect is, it’s too good to share for you speculators. Deal with it.

I really like this. The method is straightforward but the execution and success of the effect relies on you being confident and convincing in what you’re saying. The performer uses random indifferent cards to ‘determine’ an unseen selected card. This is repeated two more times, the final time having the selected card and the random indifferent cards turn into the four Queens.  The impact of the ending is unusual because it relies on the spectator’s perception of what’s happening instead of relying on visual cues alone. The structure of the effect is very well done and  is a perfect example of thinking on your feet when performing, AKA suavely bullshitting your way through the effect as you go. What a wise man you are, Senor Chang.

Words from Tyler on this effect: “ I’m sad you didn’t get a chance to see Tony’s deck vanish before reading the method (not the trick, just the deck vanish moment itself). It shocked me when I first saw it. It is SO much better than the typical method, and I don’t think it came across that way in print. Use that motherfucker.”

Unfortunately, Tyler was 100% correct. The change in the context of the deck vanish is fucking awesome, but I didn’t get to experience it first hand before learning it. If my brain had an ass, it would  have shat itself in awe and excitement.As the effect description says, there’s nothing wrong with the current standard of deck vanishes, but that doesn’t mean we should stop refining and improving, which is just what Tony has done.The method itself is not revolutionary, but the changes and combination of different subtleties and moments makes his contribution jizz-worthy.

This is awesome. It reminds me of the unsettling and awesome ending of Ryan Swigert’s ‘Kickback’ routine. Also, the patter made me lose my shit at one point; the phrase “Just because I’m not great at Engrish doesn’t mean I don’t potato activation in rambarry”. This actually makes more sense than most of the shit published in Bullfrog magazine.

The effect is a combination of a transposition effect with twisting the aces. As Tyler notes, the effects aren’t bunched together to compete for attention. Instead, they are used to support one another for the overall flow of the effect. A card is left on the spectator’s hand, the performer noting that he’ll still it from them without them even noticing. The four aces are brought in for a twisting the aces phase, at the end of which the aces and the card in the spectator’s hand visually change places.  It’s honestly a ‘what the fuck’ kind of moment like in ‘Kickback’. Good shit.

So, are these notes worth it? Holyfuckingshit yes. Even though the notes aren’t as polished as they could have been, they left me wanting more and wishing I could keep Tony in my sex-dungeon, chained up with Rich Aviles and a doll made of Tyler Wilson’s hair (Breathe on me, Tyler).

The only problem? The limited run makes the notes extremely hard to find now (considering they were released in July 2013). I even bought a spare copy once my current copy is super-saturated with my semen and leftover ramen broth.

Perhaps Tony and Tyler could include them in the release of Tony’s book as a bonus? But this seems like a bit of a ‘Fuck you’ to everyone who bought the notes, but it would be a shame to have this material (especially Tony’s deck vanish) not have the recognition it deserves. Thoughts everyone?

Aside from that, these are a great example of what’s to come from Tony’s hardcover collection of his work. So, maybe they should hurry the fuck up and get ‘er doooooone.

P.S. Tony, I still owe you a beer from that night Ricky disappeared. I want your asian babies.



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