New Shit

Here’s a few things that I’ve become aware of recently. Thought y’all should know

Kaufman & Co

Kaufman announced he currently has 3 books in the works, which look really interesting:

  • Ryan Matney (Card magic)
  • Harapan Ong (Card magic)
  • Theodore DeLand (Card magic + gaffs)

What we really want to be published though is:

  • The Jennings book whose delay could be fathering its own children at this point
  • The Jack Birnman book, delayed by the inevitable bullshit of pride among publishers
  • The Geoff Latta book(s), still no word on what’s holding it up
  • Tony Chang book (C’mon Tyler, baby, don’t be so meaaaaan)

Something else I caught wind of was an interesting entry on Denis Behr’s Conjuring Archive, showing a collection of the Less is More items as one bound hardcover book, published by Vanishing Inc in 2017.

Seeing as this collection has not seen the light of day for any reviews, advertisements or listings, it’s a bit of a slap in the face for anyone who got the original manuscripts.

We wait with bated breath.

Anything else out there that should be shared?
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