Neat Neat Neat; What do you love?

Buenos diddly-ding-dong, bitches,

As most of you (hopefully) know, I’m a sucker for great material with high production quality. It makes me moister than an oyster. So when I heard that Alex Hansford was part of an upcoming, polished-as-fuck journal with some other chums in the UK, I was pretty pumped.

If you’ve had the chance to enjoy some of Alex’s previous work, (Sprezzatura, KINO, Mainspring), you’ll know just how beautifully produced his work can be. Knowing he’s got the goods, I reached out to Alex to find out a bit more…

….and holy shit did I find “more”.


Introducing ‘The Neat Review’

With contributions from Derren Brown, Stephen Long, Justin Higham, Andrew Frost, Rory Adams, Paavan Buddhdev, Kez Dearmer and the wonderful Alex Hansford, A collection of essays, effects and moves, looking to blend, twist and (maybe) break the line between the art of magic and the world around it.


It’s a beautiful concept; every one of us has other talents, hobbies and passions outside of magic. While to most lay audiences, we hide the true extent of our secret talents as performers and magicians, we hide away just as much from each other about our other passions and talents outside of magic.

The Neat Review is where these two worlds collide beautifully.


Here’s an excerpt of part of my conversation with Alex about the Neat Review:

It’s important for me to be involved in multiple spaces. So this journal speaks to that, exploring the permeability of the creative worlds. Who knows if it moves outside of magic entirely down the line, but for now I love what magic can be when we involve ourselves in other arts. Each world grows from that discourse, each world informs the other. Fucking exciting shit


At the time of posting, you have until the 15th of May to get the special pre-order price of £25 + £11 shipping worldwide. After this, the price will go up to £30.

Get on this while you still can.
You won’t be disappointed