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Month: May, 2018


Straight from Pit Hartling’s Facebook feed comes this glorious news:

“It‘s out!!

Hot off the press earlier today – here is Denis Behr‘s new book, volume three in the “Handcrafted Card Magic” series.

And what an excellent book it is! A delight for all who love well thought-out, strong and entertaining card magic.


It’s not yet on Denis’ site for sale just yet, so I’ll be spamming the refresh key until it fucking does. UPDATE: Denis’ site is now live with Vol. 3 available for purchase

If you’ve never taken the leap to get any of Denis’ material before, now’s the time!

And now we play the waiting game…



For anyone who missed it…

Earlier this week, Tricky Dicky Kaufman threw out a shitheel of a comment on a trailer for a new movie worked on by the great and powerful Larry Fong, one of the nicest and sweetest guys in existence.

Kaufman did retract his comment, but Dick should know better than to throw stones in glass houses

Maybe get back to work on the Jennings books, you fucker. The deadline is so far gone, it’s almost old enough to buy its own booze.