What a time to be alive…

Some new books to get moist over:

Asi Wind’s ‘Repertoire’, due Spring 2018. The production quality looks absolutely amazing and the material should be sweet as fuck. Saw some awesome shit from Asi at Magic Live 2017 and loved ‘Chapter One’.

One for the coin workers, Luis Piedrahita’s ‘Coins and Other Fables’. The Spanish magic scene still makes me rock hard with how many amazing performers are still yet to publish in English (I’m looking at you too, Kiko). Luis’ work, whether you can understand Spanish or not, is like watching the old masters work… Really looking forward to this.. even if it’s coin work.

Finally, A.Bandit’s ‘A Secret Has Two Faces’. A collection of performance art and magic colliding from Glenn Kaino and Derek Delgaudio. Far from a traditional magic book on effects or theories, the focus on Glenn and Derek’s work for the why a f not the what alone is very enticing. After seeing Derek’s off-Broadway show, “In & Of Itself”, the dialogue and insights alone behind the show are worth the price of the book.

Anything else good happening?