A letter from the Editor

Someone asked me the other day,

What ever happened to that Larry Horayne blog you were doing?

And, to be honest, I felt a bit shit for letting it get this far without putting up any content.

One of the biggest things about doing this kind of thing is the amount of time and effort that goes into it; reading, learning, dissecting and understanding the content and being able to appropriate how I feel about it into the mouthpiece that is my sweet baby Larry.

In the last year, there’s a lot of shit that has kept me from putting in what I think is enough time and effort for each post; I don’t want to regurgitate the same shitty ideas and bullshit opinions ad nauseum. This ain’t the Cafe. As I learn and grow as a person and a magician, so will my views. And, by extension, so will Larry’s own bullshit.

Is this an excuse or a cry for help? Am I asking for money or your sympathy?

Fuck no

But I need everyone to understand; shit happens.

I don’t get free reviewer copies of books and notes

I don’t get paid for my time.

I don’t do this so I can get my rocks off on the number of views my site gets

I do this because I enjoy doing it, and because you guys enjoy reading it. Whether you agree with me or not, you’re here because you want to be.

A special “Fuck you, cunt” to Ray from the Cafe. Your “potty mouth” ain’t got shit on me,
xoxo cunts,