Quick update

by Wouldn't you like to know?

Sup, fuckers?

While tumbling around the magic forum equivalent of a half-hearted reach around aka The Cafe, I found two things:

First, they have scrubbed any and all references​ to this blog entirely.

Magic needs to be discussed openly, but it seems like the place where everyone gets to voice their opinion unless they disagree with some random asshole keyboard warriors (well known or not) or get banned for mispronouncing the name of Steve Brooks’ third nipple.

Second, some interesting news that I have missed for some upcoming book releases mentioned by Richard Kaufman:

  • Larry Jennings book finally to come out in 2018, only 21 years after it should have
  • English translation of Dani DaOrtiz’ book on Hofzinser (including material from Juan Tamariz)
  • A book on packet tricks from Hideo Kato, including a DVD and special cards

Other honorable mentions he noted were:

  • Geoff Latta book by Stephen Minch to be released later this year via Penguin as the new owners of Hermetic Press
  • Magic Rainbow possibly released in 2018
  • Johnny Thompson’s book out later this year

So, what else is new? Any other good shit you’ve heard?

Speak up, bitches