Madison X Erdnase; The Aftermath

by Wouldn't you like to know?

Now that the shit storm has settled and everyone has seen the man-child fumble his way through this, here’s basically what happened:

  • Man tries to start shit by telling people he’s better than someone else
  • Man proceeds to ramp shit up by advertising an exclusive product to prove he is better than someone else and creates a lot of buzz because of how utterly fucking ridiculous this sounds
  • Man releases shoddy, half-assed annotations which literally reads like a fucking edgy 12 year old with his first big-boy pen, realising he could draw dicks and other things in his text books and giggle to himself about how cool and smart he is
  • Man also released shittily produced printed copy with no annotations (only available in ultra-edgy exclusive PDF™©®), accompanied by a video of him sitting in the dark, rambling and doing the moves really poorly
  • Man then proclaims in his best Tyler Durden/Joker impression with anarchistic edgy bullshit that he is amazing and magic is dead

Honestly. The annotations were general comments, devolving into sparing comments, underlines and random bullshit before it turned into him just drawing hand tattoos and scribbles on the hand diagrams and putting comments like:




or circling the number 52 on a page or diagram, because it’s such an amazing number because it’s the number of cards in a deck <3<3<3<3

A friend and I had a chat about this the other night. I re-watched one of his earlier DVD’s (Mechanic) that he did around 2013, which focused solely on Daniel doing “gambling moves”.

He shows a number of techniques which are bastardized versions of more commons techniques (Zarrow shuffle etc.) or handling so jagged or unusual that they would not fly in a game of blind monkeys flinging shit at each other.

He also openly says about most of the stuff that he’s showing that he’s never used it in a game, nor would it actually fly in a game. He also goes on to say that he is showing some techniques that can’t be used in a game, but can be used in gambling expose context to show what card cheats are capable of (an oxymoron so intense, it hurts).

Right at the end, he says that everything (EVERY-FUCKING-THING) that we’ve seen was techniques he learned or created before he was exposed or got into magic, that he used to cheat at cards and make a living.

Holy. Shit. Keep your fucking story straight you fucking twat.

Even something like palming, Madison has the balls to call the methods from EATCT ‘too hard for a gambler’, as if he lived through the era where Erdnase (if he was a cheater) would have done the work. He also faults Erdnase for being too mechanical and focusing too much on the method in his palming, while he absolutely butchers the top palm, with his hitch-hiker thumb sticking out so far, he may as well shove it up his own ass.

After all this, he then says, he doesn’t use it, he doesn’t do it, but he’ll still teach it.

He’s a complete moron. I feel like he’s just shit talking Erdnase to appear edgy/non-conformist, but also because he can’t actually do the work well at all. All of his advice and commentary, from his DVD’s to this newer project, is just re-hashed and re-purposed opinions from other people who actually can.

If Magic is dead, Daniel Madison is the one who killed it.

Hindsight is 20/20, darling



In case you’ve got a case of the bullshits from this, here’s a worthwhile palming method to check out:

“Invisible Top Card Palm” (Howard Schwarzman, Hugard’s Magic Monthly, Vol. 5 No. 4, 1947, p. 350 (See also; “Bevel Top Palm” in Jennings ’67)