Consumption in absentia

by Wouldn't you like to know?

I’m still here, I just feel like you fucks don’t deserve to hear what I have to say.

Here’s what I’m interested in right now:

Blomberg’s Laboratories – I’ve always held a special, sweaty place in my mind for Tomas and his shenanagins. Andi Gladwin teased us earlier this year with this video. Can’t wait to sit for hours on end on my sunken ass cheeks, devouring this book’s insanity.

Scott Robinson’s book by Vanishing Inc – Not much info around about this unfortunately except this sneaky little mention, but I’m a big fan of Scott’s work so I’m looking forward to anything the man has to offer!

Tony Chang’s book of Card Magic (AKA Legend of Chony Tang 2; Electric Boogaloo) – Seriously, the fuck Tyler? Such a cock tease.

HalfHalfMan – An interesting venture from some of the biggest minds of the current generation of magicians, some really interesting looking stuff.. worthwhile? Let’s find out..

David Ben’s ‘The Experts at the Card Table” – David Ben is one of the main reasons I enjoy magic still. He’s also Canadian, so he’s instantly a Saint. This first book in a trilogy, it looks like the kind of stuff dreams are made of. Not bullshit that just fell out of someone’s face overnight.

Also, I hear that Kaufman is almost done with the Tenyo book, which should be .. interesting? Maybe then he can get on with other things, like the Larry Jenning’s books which we’ve been waiting for this whole fucking time

Things that I would rather be beaten to death with:

Designing Miracles audiobook – Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to turn a magic theory book into an audio book? It’s not like the fuckin’ armchair army of assholes over at the Cafe even read the book, let alone will listen to the whole thing without falling asleep and shitting themselves from boredom. I have respect for the thought and intent in the book, but turning it into an audiobook is just making the spoon-fed assholes among the magicians have even more convenient means to completely ignore and talk shit about.

Everything that Doug Edwards has ever and will ever publish – Enough said

There must be more shit out there. What else is new? TELL ME!

No, seriously. Tell me. I need things to read.

Gettin’ a blumpkin,