Some more new shit..

by Wouldn't you like to know?

Some things to whet your appetites while you wait for the next big thing (me).

Yoann, Father Alex and the boys at have announced a new quarterly magic magazine dubbed ‘The Bullfrog‘. Issue #0 can be bought now for $10 plus shipping, as well as a year long subscription for $35 with very decent shipping costs, considering it’s coming from Europe. To read more about the issues and order them, click here

John Guastaferro has produced a new set of lecture notes, titled ‘Discoveries & Deceptions’. If this is anything like his previous notes, DVDs and book, ‘One Degree‘, then it is worth checking out. Also, if you pre-order his new notes by January 18th, you get some freebies to go with it.

Anything else coming out soon that is worth knowing about?
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