Things I’m looking forward to…

by Wouldn't you like to know?

… in case you fuckers care.

Unconfirmed rumours:

  • A new Ernest Earick book (Either Minch or Goodwin to write)
  •  A collection of Andrew Wimhurst’s work/ any new material.
  • Reprinting of Juan Tamariz’ ‘Sonata’ and ‘The Magic Way’ with the release of his ‘Flamenco/The Magic Rainbow’ book  (Hermetic Press)
  • Roy Walton’s ‘Complete Walton’ vol. 3
  • Book on false deals from Gary Plants.
  • Collected works of Jason England on false deals, shuffles and material.

Confirmed books:

  • Tomas Blomberg book (from Vanishing Inc)
  • Geoffrey Latta books (One on Coins, one on Cards from Hermetic Press)
  • Jack Birnman’s ‘Nectar of the Cards’ (Questionable as both Hermetic Press with Aaron Fisher AND Kaufman & Co have both claimed they will be working on this)
  • Larry Jennings collections (Kaufman & Co) (Long overdue)
  • Scott Robsinson book (Vanishing Inc)
  • Hofzinser collection (Hermetic Press)
  • Giobbi’s ‘Confidences’ book (Hermetic Press pre-order available now)

Books that I’d like to see:

  • Collected works of Steve Freeman (FUCKING HELL I WANT THIS)
  • A  NEW Collected works of Jerry Sadowitz (this time, the money and rights going to Jerry and no one else. Because that’s how it should’ve been)
  • Collected works of Carmen D’Amico
  • Collected works of Ricky Jay’s card magic
  • Collected works of Paul Chosse
  • Collected works of Gordon Bruce
  • Collected works of Persi Diaconis
  • Collected works of David Michael Evans
  • Collected works of Howie Schwarzman
  • Collected works of Frank Thompson
  • Collected works of Ray Grismer
  • Collected works of Steve Forte
  • Harvey Rosenthal’s rumoured book on Bottom Deal material which never came to light (And probably never will)
  • A book about Derek Del Gaudio’s magic
  • A book about Ricky Smith’s magic.
  • A book about Tony Chang’s magic.

What else you are you assholes looking forward to?

UPDATE: Tyler Wilson has graciously emailed me, gloating that he is currently working on ONE of the above….BUT… He didn’t specify which one, or who’s publishing it or when to expect it. A big thank you to Tyler for rubbing it in.