Good shit to buy..

by Wouldn't you like to know?

Along with the Walton books, there are some other interesting pre-orders that have come up in the last week or so that should be brought to attention. I’m assuming I get royalties because I plugged them…. if I don’t, I should.

Darwin Ortiz’ ‘Lessons in Card Mastery’ is available from Darwin at the moment. More details here. This will be his first non-theory book since ‘Scams and Fantasies’ back in 2002. Looking forward to some great material. You will need to email him to get an invoice and if you want a deluxe edition or just regular.

Eric Evans (a student of Ernest Earick) has a new manuscript coming out which includes an unpublished Cellini item and an unpublished Earick item. If you are a fan of Earick’s work, then this is a given. More details here. At the moment, it’s $20 for the notes plus shipping. Email him at the address listed for enquiries and payment details.

Also, another rumour heard whilst rubbing my nuts all over things in Vegas was that Ernest Earick was possibly doing a new book… No publishers or writers have come forward with it. Can anyone vouch for this?

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