An open letter to the internet and certain people.

by Wouldn't you like to know?

I won’t repeat the sentiments that have been stated so well by others, but I will reaffirm my thoughts on the majority of people I refer to.

The reason WHY thoughts and comments like this exist is simply because you people are examples of what is wrong with magic and humanity in general. You narrow-minded, intolerant fuckholes are absolute pricks against anyone who does not coincide with your views and opinions. You exclude and berate any and every person who chooses to think something that you may not entirely agree with.

If you haven’t picked it up yet; the only reason things like this exist is because you people are bastards to anyone outside your little ‘circle’ or who aren’t blindly supporting your work. I’d rather people were honest and told me they didn’t like something instead of pulling the wool over my eyes. The only people who have made this ‘worse’ are yourselves because without your negative bullshit, constant jabs at others and poorly credited/performed magic, there would be nothing for us to say. Thanks for leading by example.

… fuck it, you people are dumb shits.