Some people….

by Wouldn't you like to know?

…think I just sit around with my thumb up my ass, doing nothing.

Not true.

I just jam a few thumb tips up there. Does exactly the same job, keeps both my hands free, and I’m ready to do a production of a shit stained thumb at any time. How’s that for impromptu?

Recently, I saw someone mention that even though they swore a lot, they felt how I write is too much. If you have to point out to people that you swear a lot to make that comparison, then you are full of shit. Also, if you don’t like what you’re reading, take my shit stained thumb tips and plant them deeply into your eyes and ears. Ignorance is bliss, jerk off. Plus, that cock-shaped Hot Rod idea is totally trademarked. Don’t even fucking try it.

Some more things to come soon. Hopefully, a guest review by one of the greats, as well as some hints, nudges and mentions of material worth tracking down. And shitting all over the crap that people call ‘must haves’.

Pre-jaculating hourly,