Before you pansies start complaining..

by Wouldn't you like to know?

… there’s something I’ve had a thought about, which is epitomised by some (not all) of David Regal’s solutions to some effects.

Direct method ≠ Direct effect.

Just because the most direct path IS able to be used does not mean it is the most viable.
– Direct method means you achieve the desired situation from a performer’s viewpoint via means with the smallest amount of effort.
– Direct effect means you achieve the desired situation from an audiences’ viewpoint via means at any cost, regardless of how hard it may be.

Sometimes the most direct method/effect can overlap, but for the most part, you need to put in some fucking effort to achieve the simplest notion for your audience. If you need to do a cut, or a pass to achieve a specific situation for a routine, consider the audience viewpoint and which would be more relevant.

Perfect example is the village bicycle, the Ambitious card routine. If you shuffle or cut the deck between the selection being replaced and revealed, you have missed the point of what makes the routine. If you are able to utilise a sequence of moves or subtleties that give the appearance of nothing happening, you have achieved the desired effect in this case.

Ahhhhh… who the fuck cares… bunch of whiney fucking old men, doing terrible magic with Gospel themes.
Fuck ’em all.